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So, I came up with an ultimate Star Trek universe taking place in the Original Timeline of the year 2466, 200 years after the time of James Tiberius Kirk, the new Perseus class extragalactic inter dimensional explorer USS Enterprise NXA-1701, designed for explore the universe and alternate timelines. Since 2415, 20 years after the Great Patriotic War against the Terran Empire, The Galactic Union unites three galaxies, allied universes and by 2454, The Galactic Union High Command exploratory fleet lead by USS Mohawk encountered the Terran Fleet and the ISS Shroud attacked and destroyed Mohawk, result of Cold War tensions have peaked. 12 years later, Starship Enterprise, combat-ready, is set to explore the cosmos while defending the Galactic Union.
Crew of the USS Enterprise:
Expedition Leader-Brian Lackey
Science Director-Deanna Luxanne T'liss Archer
Health and Wellness Director-Dr. Johanna Ashley Elizabeth McCoy
Chief Engineer-Dr. Gaila Dianne Scott
Captain Stephen April-CO
Commander RC-T1500-XO/OPS
Lieutenant Commander Cade Skywalker-Tac/Sec/Hazard Team Leader
Ensign Talura-Conn
Lieutenant Jennifer Stephenson-Commications
1940-Charles Lindbergh won the Presidential Election, defeating incumbent Franklin Roosevelt.
1941-President Lindbergh signs a nonaggression treaty with Axis Powers and Soviet Union, allowing Soviet President Joseph Stalin to lead Russia in joining Germany for world domination.
1949-With the help from the Axis Powers, Mao Zedong and his Comrades took over China, established as a People's Republic with People's Liberation Army holds the absolute power.
1952-Vice President Thomas Dewey wins the Presidential Election.
1957-A Vulcan Scout Ship crash landed near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, not long before they were captured and the Rescue Ship was also captured as well.
1967-Timeship Aeon, indigenous to the alternate future, crash landed and was captured, the Na'Kuhl recognized the ship and helped reverse engineer it.
1970-Khan Noonien Singh is born.
1976-America is celebrating its 200th anniversary.
1981-President Ronald Reagan was shot by an agent of the Alliance of Free Planets, claiming he was working for Bernie Sanders, Supreme Arbitrator of the Alliance, the agent is arrested and was hanged.
1988-Pat Robertson elected as President.
1992-President Robertson was assassinated during the Rodney King Massacre, Vice President Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, sworn in as President and was later elected.
2015-President Sarah Palin and Vice President Ron Paul is cooperating with Soviet President Vladimir Putin on a joint Session with the Interstellar Axis National Bolshevik Party Congress led by Furor Donald J. Trump on possible blitzkrieg attack on AFP bases.
2060-Interstellar Axis Flagship TRV Fatherland makes first interdimensional contact with the Imperial Planets, as a result, Interstellar Axis joins the Imperial Planets.
2099-Imperial Planets makes contact with Khannate of Earth, Khan joins the Imperial Planets.
2160-5 years after the ISS Enterprise crew captured the Galactic Order's GSS Defiance GOC-1764, Conquest Class Warship, the NX Class ISS Nobunaga ICC-01, commanded by Empress Hoshi Sato I, encounters the Imperial Planets flagship ISS Fatherland, greeted by Emperor Vandar Savage, the two were married and the Terran Empire gains a new, powerful union.
2161-The Citizenship Act is signed into law by Emperor Vandar, all subjugated civilizations will be automatically regarded as Citizens of the Empire.


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Brian Lackey
United States
Long live the Galactic Empire!


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